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Yeshiva Elementary School of Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Yeshiva Elementary School was initiated by members of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Milwaukee with the following objectives as their goals:

  • To teach elementary school children Torah and Mitzvos (commandments) in accordance with the ideals and aspirations of Torah as elucidated by the Sages of Israel in order to provide excellence in Orthodox Jewish education which will prepare our children to attend the finest seminaries, Yeshivos and institutions of Jewish higher learning.
  • To provide our children with a strong foundation in General Studies that demonstrates understanding and excellence and provides a basis for advancement into any college preparatory high school.
  • To provide an educational institution which will encourage and attract Jewish families to move to Milwaukee.
  • To foster meaningful Jewish ideals that promote faith and respect in the global community.
  • To advance values embodied in Judaism that inspire distinguished moral and ethical behavior.
  • To shape young lives in the observance of Torah, Mitzvos (commandments) and in character refinement as modeled by personalities that were and are Torah champions.