ODOT 5310 Program

Telephone Townhalls for Regional Coordination Plans

Please join the Oklahoma DOT for a Regional Telephone Townhall on the FTA 5310 Program and the development of Regional Human Services Transportation Coordination Plans required by the federal program. ODOT will host four telephone townhalls – one townhall for each of the four regions detailed in the maps below. Please participate in only the regional townhall (broken out by county) that you live in or that your agency/organization provides transit service. The townhall meetings assist in obtaining local public and stakeholder input to include in each of the four individual Regional Coordination Plans.

The townhall will provide a brief overview of the FTA 5310 Program (Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities) but more so the townhalls will ask participants various questions about current transit service for seniors and people with disabilities, about gaps and unmet needs, and about recommendations to fill those gaps.


Based on the statewide map and the Coordination Regions maps below, please determine the appropriate Regional Telephone Townhall for you to participate. Follow the events page link to register for your Regional Telephone Townhall.