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What are the changes in the Medicare?
Healthcare in Alaska
Raising the retirement age for Social Security


The purpose of this call was to discuss Social Security and Medicare with respect to older Alaskans. There was detailed discussion on recent improvements made to healthcare for older Americans in the form of the Affordable Care Act. Some of these improvements include people not being dropped from their insurance when they become ill, children being able to stay on their parents’ policy, no discrimination due to pre-existing conditions, and no out of pocket costs for routine screenings. There was also discussion about the problems faced by the Social Security program. Social Security benefits need to at least be maintained and even increased, given that these benefits are not enough to live on. There is an ongoing crisis that many people cannot maintain their standard of living through retirement. The hosts also compared Dan Sullivan and Mark Begich and their stances on Social Security and Medicare. Leighan Gonzales was on the call to provide real-world examples of the necessity of both social Security and Medicare.

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