What If We Could Stop Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Begin? A Conversation With Dr. Reisa Sperling



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Description of 3 study collaboration
Detecting early Alzheimer's pathology
Potential importance of exercise on maintaining brain health
Reason for choosing solanezumab for the study
Relationship between cancer treatments and Alzheimer's


Dr. Sperling is leading a groundbreaking new study on individuals whose brain scans show plaque buildups but do not yet demonstrate clinical symptoms of Alzheimer’s or other dementia. She will be testing the effectiveness of the Eli Lilly drug Solanezumab, which previous studies have shown to possibly have promise with people that have a milder form of Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Sperling is the Director of the Center for Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment, the Director of the Education and Information Transfer Core, Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Co-Leader of the Neuroimaging Program, Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, and a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

This call was made possible by the generous support of Jill Lesser, Board member of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Network.