How Close Are We to an Approved Treatment for Alzheimer’s?



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The UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Network held this Vekeo event to talk about new research development for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for over 500,000 deaths a year from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. The cost of this disease is expected to exceed 1 trillion dollars annually by 2050. Bernard Munos, a guest speaker for the event, then spoke on how we can become better innovators by organizing research more effectively so that we can find a treatment or cure, faster and with less expense. Mr. Munos referred to Alzheimer’s as a “national emergency” and the number one societal problem facing our economy. The cost of this disease is astronomical and quickly growing higher. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight as of right now. This is because there is currently no treatment or cure for the disease. The UsAgainstAlzheimer’s network is dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.