State Senator Scott Wagner



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Caller commented on the need to stand for the budget.
What are your thoughts concerning the budget veto?
What can be done about property tax reform for elderly?
Does education need more funding or better management?


Senator Scott Wagner held this event for those in the 28th district of Pennsylvania. The Senator opened the event discussing the budget with his callers. Pension reform is another issue that many people have questions about; he addressed this in further detail for listeners. In regards to property taxes, the Senator discussed the Governor’s agenda and what the impact will be on people. The Senator talked about how they will be back in session next week for 2 days and they will be discussing how to override the Governor’s veto of the budget; this will take 2/3 majority votes to do. He is aware of the concerns from people and will continue to push hard to override the veto. He will continue to try and inform people exactly what the Governor is up to in regards to the budget and taxes. The Senator also discussed education and the funding of schools.┬áProduced by Citizen Dialog.

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