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I've seen the train station, but where's the train?
What will happen to cyber schools if taxes are reduced?
Will funding for counciling be reduced with school taxes?


State Senator Mario Scavello hosted his second event to discuss important issues currently affecting Pennsylvania’s 40th Senate District. He spoke about many state issues including the Governor’s budget, school property tax elimination, and the need for pension reform. Senator Scavello explained that the Governor’s budget will increase the sales and income tax to reduce local school property taxes by 50%, but that the reduction will be considerably less in the 40th District. He said there needs to be a solution that treats all districts equally and emphasized his co-sponsorship of The Property Tax Independence Act. Senator Scavello is optimistic that we will see some sort of school property tax reform or elimination this year. He also explained that pension debt is continuing to rise and, absent reform, this will be the single largest driver of school district debt in the years ahead. A pension reform plan will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, sponsored by Senate Republicans.

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