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What are your views of the Govenor's moratorium?
When are they proposing to demolish Monsor Hospital?
Can the state do anything about rising costs of education?


Pennsylvania State Senator Kim Ward representing Pennsylvania’s 39th senatorial district held this event to give participants an opportunity to discuss the important issues that affect them. Senator Ward spoke about issues such as pensions, the second amendment and cyber school funding. Senator Ward spoke about pensions and mentioned that currently pensions are 50 Billion dollars in the hole. She mentioned that the current retirees funds will not be touched but moving forward they are looking at paying additional monies to stay in the program or the option of moving retirement funds to a 401K program. Senator Ward stated that she is a strong supporter of our second amendment rights. She believes that the government should not get in the way of our constitutional rights. Senator Ward also spoke about cyber schools and the funds required for this option. She mentioned that if one chooses to use cyber schooling instead of traditional brick and mortar schools, she believes that it should be at a fare rate.┬áProduced by Citizen Dialog.

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