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Does the current pension proposal affect those retiring soon?
Why can't the state and school unions come to an agreement?
Do you support the Gov.'s budget to improve our infrastructure?


The TeleForum discussion was with Senator Richard Alloway.  As part of the Alliances Trees for Tomorrow program, trees will be planted throughout the district to serve as riparian buffers to protect water quality. The goal of the program is to plant at least 10,000 trees throughout the region. One of the major topics discussed was pension systems, as the pension system is $50 billion in deficit. As the pension crisis has continued to devour state resources and drive up property taxes, viable solutions have been difficult to come by. Public employee pension systems were designed to strike a proper balance between the retirement benefits of employees and the interests of taxpayers. Unfortunately, economic conditions have tipped the scales heavily against taxpayers and placed the retirement benefits of many dedicated public servants at risk. Senator Alloway answered many questions from participants. Produced by Citizen Dialog.

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