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What is the possibility of raising the gas tax?
What's your stance on 2nd Amendment rights?
What kind of effort is there for a balanced budget?
What can be done about the loss of military religious freedoms?


Senator Mike Lee of Utah hosted this event as part of his monthly interactive telephone series with state residents. Senator Lee opened the event discussing the Sage Grouse protection which he respectfully opposes. Recently Senator Lee and Senator Orrin Hatch, also of Utah, joined other Republican senators in Washington to introduce an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that they say will protect the ability of the Army, Navy and Air Force to use their training ranges in Western states, while also empowering western states to better manage their wildlife. Callers were concerned about the threat of ISIS which President Obama has failed to address properly. Callers also asked what is being done to balance the national budget with it being stated that Utah is considered one of the best managed states in regards to the economy. Senator Lee also addressed the USA Freedom Act which aims to protect the privacy of American citizens. Senator Lee’s closing remarks were in regards to restoring balance between the government and the people and for citizens to be aware of their constitutional rights. Produced by Advantage.

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