“Let’s Talk” with Senator Mike Lee




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Are VA guidelines different than any other hospital?
What are we continuing to do to balance the budget?
Can we pass a law to hold Bureaucrats accountable?


United States Senator Mike Lee of Utah hosted this event as part of his monthly interactive teleconference with state residents. The first issue of discussion was the free trade negotiations in Congress. Next, there was a discussion on legal and illegal immigration, specifically HR 213. A caller inquired about the import/export bank, and Senator Lee explained why he doesn’t support this institution. He also discussed the complexity of the current tax system and shared ideas on how to reform it. Security measures such as the Patriot Act and NSA were also addressed. The Senator discussed the REINS Act,  which will require Congress to approve any new rule with a major impact on the economy. The Senator closed with inspiring words on what it means to be an American and an optimistic outlook for the future of our nation. Produced by Advantage.

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