“Let’s Talk” with Senator Mike Lee




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What is the status on the REINS Act?
What is the status of removing the inheritance tax?
What is your stance on term limits, as well as foreign aid?
When will we get back to the constitution and bill of rights?


United State Senator Mike Lee of Utah hosted this event as part of his monthly interactive teleconference with state residents. Senator Lee discussed energy independence and the export/import bank as well as National security and the negotiations with Iran. Callers inquired about electing conservative candidates who are principled and proven and Senator Lee explained his support for a conservative reform agenda as well as the want and need for a strong middle class. When asked about the NSA, Senator Lee explained the USA Freedom Act which seeks to protect citizens’ rights in regards to privacy. The impact of Federal Regulations was discussed as well as the REINS Act which aims to curb over-regulation. Senator Lee supports repealing or modifying the Affordable Care Act and will not vote in support of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. The Senator closed by discussing his bipartisan work in the Senate and the need for Americans to expect more from their government. Produced by Advantage.

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