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Where do you stand in terms of foreign relations?
Where do you stand concerning the REIGNS act?
What opposition is there for reclaiming Federal Lands?


Senator Mike Lee of Utah hosted his monthly Townhall event to speak to constituents and hear their concerns. Senator Lee stressed the importance of upholding the US Constitution and how it relates to his position. Many callers were concerned about Executive abuse and inquired into what can be done. Senator Lee stated that an important weapon to combat the Presidential overreach is withholding funding, i.e. power of the purse.  The Senator also discussed the REINS Act which will require Congress to approve any new rule with a major impact on the economy ($100 million) and therefore give the American people a greater voice in reducing the undue burden of excessive regulations and help hold executive agencies accountable. Senator Lee closed on what he hopes to accomplish in the near future. Produced by Advantage.

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