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How are people still in Guantanamo?
What is being done to improve mobile phone service?
How is unemployment not getting better in Europe but better in England?
Are Scottish going to be able to vote on income tax?
What is being done for young people in terms of housing and jobs?


UK Member of Parliament Sajid Javid held this event to speak with his constituents. The conversation was varied as Sajid Javid and listeners wanted to get to as many issues as possible. Topics included the Ukraine conflict, employment in England, the economy, and immigration. Sajid and listeners dove into conversation about the issues that affected listeners the most. Sajid provided confident discussion in response and continued to urge listeners to be a part of these conversations. Additional questions MP Javid spoke on were local issues, such as speed laws, current issues in Bromsgrove, but also went as far as foreign issues such as Guantanamo.

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