Congresswoman Jackie Speier



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What is the meaning of the balance of powers in the federal government?
What can we do about the Steve Bannon issue?
Are there going to be drastic changes within Medicare under the new President Trump?


Congresswoman Jackie Speier hosted a "Conversation about America" live, interactive Vekeo event with her constituents. Topics discussed included Immigration and the Affordable Care Act. She is co-sponsoring legislation to halt President Trump's Executive Order to ban Muslims from entering the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations. Congresswoman Speier has co-sponsored a bill to prevent political officials, like Steve Bannon, from serving on the National Security Council in the future. She spoke about how Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, wants to change Medicare and Social Security. The congresswoman says that he wants to turn it into a voucher system so that people can get so much money per year and use it towards health services. Congresswoman Speier emphasized that job creation is her top priority.

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