Congressman Joe Wilson



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How are you going to help those who currently have healthcare insurance keep it after the reform?
What is the budget for the military and the size of ISIS?
I’m an attorney who represent injured individuals; how do you intend to repeal Obamacare but still keep coverage for pre-existing conditions?


This live, interactive Vekeo event was hosted by Congressman Joe Wilson of the 2nd District of South Carolina. He was recently announced as Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness for the 115th Congress. He feels that the military does have shortfalls, and he supports President Trump’s positive efforts with his nominee for Secretary of Defense, General Jim Mattis. Congressman Wilson further said that as our military faces an unprecedented readiness crisis, he will fight to ensure they have the resources and support they need to protect Americans at home and overseas. The congressman said that the Affordable Care Act has cost people jobs and that people lost their insurance and doctors when the ACA came into effect.

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