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Congressman Johnson discusses HR1:
How do you feel about teaching students to invest?
Is the political divide really as strong as it sounds?


Congressman Hank Johnson took the time to connect with those in his district through this event and by listening to the concerns and questions from his constituents. He opened the call by discussing a few important updates happening in Congress. He spoke on his background for callers as well. Kathleen Johnson talked about the taxpayer advocate service and what services they provide for people. Congressman Johnson talked about the Mueller investigation and how they will do their best to provide as much information for the American people as possible. He spoke on voter rights and the voter suppression and what can be done to help fix this situation. He did talk about how he is sympathetic towards senior citizens on fixed incomes and that this situation is worth fighting for. He talked about the polarization of society and how much he dislikes this.

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