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Congressman Collins give a quick update on the Interior Immigration law.
Will the Republicans work together to back the president and grow the country?
Will Congress concentrate on tax reform and not be distracted?


Congressman Doug Collins held this live, interactive event for those in the 9th District of Georgia to hear from him about what is happening in Washington and around the state. He started the call by giving a few updates on what is being worked on. Congressman Collins talked about how it is National Police Week, and he honored a fallen police officer on the event. He talked about how the Republicans are going to do their best to support the President and get things accomplished. He talked about what is going on with tax reform in Congress. The congressman spoke about the new health care bill and what things it really does do and help with in the health care system and how Medicare is not affected by the new bill. He discussed how he supports the right to concealed carry across state lines. Congressman Collins talked about how there are no sanctuary cities in Georgia; he talked about a bill just introduced today in Congress that would penalize any city that decides to be a sanctuary city. Congressman Collins shared his view of the EPA.

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