District 100 Representative Bryan Cutler



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Why did you vote against the Medical Marijuana bill?
Why are the opioid laws hurting people that actually need pain medications?
What’s the status for lowering property taxes?


State Representative Bryan Cutler hosted this live, interactive Vekeo event to discuss Governor Tom Wolf's budget address. Representative Cutler is focusing on resolutions on items within the budget that he agrees with. He says that the Federal Real Idea Act imposes a significant unfunded mandate on the state and could potentially result to a cost to drivers of about $100 per license in increase fees and other proof of identity requirements. Additionally, Representative Cutler discussed medical marijuana, and why he voted no on the medical marijuana bill - one reason is that there are conflicts with the federal and state law as to how the money would be handled. He provided an update on the status of lowered property taxes. School taxes were also discussed. He noted that there are 2 exemptions in increasing school taxes, and that historically it has been the pension that has been driving school taxes. Representative Cutler has fought for pension reform.

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