Congressman Bill Flores




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What is being done to immigrants who are being deported?
What evidence is there that climate change is not man made?
Will there will be any counties in Texas not covered by the ACA marketplace and if so, what can be done about that?
Is Congress having discussions about North Korea?


Congressman Bill Flores of the 17th District of Texas hosted this live, Vekeo event to discuss issues important with his constituents. He opened the event discussing recent work in Congress such as the passing of the REINS ACT regarding government overregulation, and the need for healthcare reform. He also discussed the agenda to address national security and tax reform. Callers had many concerns about the future of healthcare in the country and Congressman Flores assured callers that more work is to be done. Callers also stated concern about preserving Veteran and Social Security benefits. Other topics included military spending, climate change, and mental health issues.

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