Telephone Town Hall with Rep. Anna Eshoo



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Congresswoman Eshoo discusses the future of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Congresswoman Eshoo discusses enlisting support for the Affordable Care Act.
Congresswoman Eshoo talks about recent developments with the Voting Rights Act.


Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, of California's 18th Congressional District, held this live, interactive event to discuss current issues with her constituents. Congresswoman Eshoo spoke about the topic of President Trump withholding his tax returns, and explained that there is no law in place that forces Presidential candidates to reveal their tax returns. She shared that she has introduced legislation to make it a requirement. Congresswoman Eshoo spoke about HR-861 which is a bill in place to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); she explained that she strongly opposes this bill. The Congresswoman stressed the importance of the EPA because the agency is charged with a mission to make sure we have clean air and clean water. Participants were able to ask questions of the Congresswoman live, and addressed topics such as national debt and the future of the Affordable Care Act.

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