RedState Elections 2014 – Day After Election Event Sponsored by Madison Project



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The media should function the way it was intended to
Is polling irrelevant these days?
Great day for the GOP


The Vekeo event was with Erick Erickson who is the Editor-in-Chief of RedState. The topic of discussions presented the results of the 2014 election. It’s going to be more and more of what’s going on, on the ground. A lot of the elections are won with voter turn-outs on the day of election. Erick Erickson walked through the winners and losers on the political scene and set up what people should expect for the next two years as the preparation takes place for the 2016 Presidential Election. It was a big night for Republicans in Wisconsin. In Kentucky, it was neck and neck. There were no runoffs in Georgia. Republicans are most likely going to have the largest House majority seen since 1946.

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