Senator Joe Scarnati


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What can common citizens do to combat the heroin epidemic?
What are the costs associated with illegal immigration?
What, if anything, was learned from last year's budget impasse?


Pennsylvania State Senator Joe Scarnati of the 25th District hosted this event for his constituents. Senator Scarnati opened the event discussing current work on the state budget and addressed the nine month stalemate budget of last year. The senator also informed callers about legislation that would modernize liquor store sales in Pennsylvania, giving consumers greater convenience. When asked about the drug epidemic, Senator Scarnati discussed a pilot program that provides grant money for non-narcotic medication assisted substance abuse treatment. Senator's Scarnati represents a large rural area and many callers shared concerns about education, pension reform, natural resources, and property taxes. When callers were asked about the most important issue that needs to be addressed, job creation and the economy was voted top priority.

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