Pennsylvania State Senator Camera Bartolotta



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How would you expedite programs that would increase education for communities?
What are you doing to protect law-abiding citizens that are gun owners?
State Senator Bartolotta talks about legislation that she is sponsoring to combat addiction.


Pennsylvania State Senator Camera Bartolotta, representing Senate District 46, held this live, interactive event to discuss important issues affecting her constituents. She opened the call by discussing the heroin epidemic, and informed participants that she is currently working on legislation to address addiction. She shared that she is co-sponsoring Senate Bill 1228, and stated that this bill would limit the amount of addictive pain medication that emergency physicians can prescribe. Senator Bartolotta also addressed property taxes, and said that she would like to eventually see the elimination of property taxes. Participants were able to ask questions live of Senator Bartolotta, and they addressed topics such as protecting gun ownership and increasing community college education.

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