Our Lady of Loreto’s Second Sunday Sitting



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What is the future of youth ministry?
Will Mass ever be held in Latin?
Will it be possible to stream Mass live?
When will there be a children's program during Sunday Mass?


Father Edward Buelt, Monsignor of Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church, held this live Vekeo event to connect with parishioners and give them the opportunity to ask questions, voice opinions and have a chance to hear from Father Ed on current topics and happenings in the church. He discussed his views on children’s ministries, explaining that he has hesitations for having separate children’s programs during Mass that cater specifically to children. Father Ed was pleased to announce that they have raised $2.8 million toward the goal of finishing the Ministry Center and is excited to see this project come to completion. Regarding ministries to help with specific issues of parishioners, Father Ed referenced Steven’s Ministry, which is a specific ministry to help people who have experienced loss. Father Ed explained that he is open to adding grief or loss support ministries, but there is a lack of personnel to handle them right now.

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