Our Lady of Loreto’s Second Sunday Sitting



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What does the phrase "to be born again" really mean?
How can I convince my adult son to come back to church?
Can you expound upon the Cardinal imprisioned in Vietnam?
What does it mean to sin unforgivably against the Holy Spirit?


Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church held this live Second Sunday Sitting Vekeo event to connect Father Ed with fellow parishioners and discuss Lent. Father Ed answered questions live and communicated with callers about issues that are important to them. The symbol of Lent is the tracing of a cross of ashes on one’s forehead. Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Parish will be holding services on Ash Wednesday. He gave Biblical references that support Lent along with the sign of the cross on a forehead. It reminds them that they are sealed with the cross of Christ. Lent is about giving up your vices and growing in your virtues. Father Ed also took questions regarding the Rapture, religious schools, and matters of faith. He thanked callers for their participation and reminded them of the next Second Sunday Sitting coming up in March.

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