Our Lady of Loreto’s Second Sunday Sitting



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How can we preserve our faith through high school and college?
How do we reconcile the condemnation of homosexuals with the call to love everyone?
Is reading books like "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" sinful or against the church?
Father Ed, what is your favorite prayer?
Father Ed, what made you become a priest?


Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church held this live Second Sunday Sitting Vekeo event to connect Father Ed with parishioners, particularly the youth of the Church. Father Ed answered questions live and communicated with callers about issues that are important to them. The theme of this event was centered on the youth of the Church and Father Ed took several questions from younger participants. This event included interactive questions, which were directed toward the younger audience and had a light, fun theme for them. Topics included: what books are acceptable to read, which prayer is a favorite for Father Ed, and homosexuality.


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