Charitable Giving and the New Tax Law



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Mark Gallegos explains the Child Tax Credit and how it has changed.
Mark Gallegos discusses state tax deductions.
Ken Hendricks answers a number of questions about Donor Advised funds.


The University of Notre Dame held this Access Live event to address charitable giving under the new tax law. As a long time, beneficial strategy for Americans to both impact as well as reduce tax liability, charitable giving will now face new regulations. Special guest, Senior Tax Manager for Porte Brown; Mark S. Gallegos explains what these changes mean for those who give.

To learn more about how charitable giving strategies can help you, download our complimentary brochure The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Strategies for 2018 Charitable Giving.

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The University is not affiliated in any manner with Porte Brown and is providing this webinar as an educational service to our benefactors.  The views expressed in this webinar are those solely of Porte Brown.

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