Nicholas Vardy on the Bull Market and Precious Metals



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Are there any global markets to avoid?
Can you give us on overview of the current portfolio?
Will the USA be the top performing market in the world?


The event discussion was with guest speaker Nicholas Vardy and Eagle Publishing. There were several topics discussed, including: bull market and the possibility of it being over, the best places to invest both long and short term, and updated attendees on the Alpha Investor Portfolio. According to Mr. Vardy, precious metals are having a hard time in the market these day and there are some big challenges. Mr. Vardy believes the initial reasons they bought them just isn’t there anymore, which is causing these challenges. Accordingly, once you hedge out the currency risk, Germany is the single-best-performing stock market this year among the 46 he tracks on a daily basis at his firm Global Guru Capital, a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered investment adviser that is not affiliated with Eagle Financial Publications.

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