NFIB Healthcare Update with HHS Sec. Price



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Will you help eliminate regulations that prevent employers from assisting their employees purchase insurance?
When will insurance companies be asking for premium increases for the next year?
Will I have to continue to pay more for health care based on my age and income?
Does the new health care bill eliminate the employer mandate?
Will businesses be allowed to purchase insurance across state lines?
Our insurance premiums in Alaska have increased over 300 percent.
Will there be a mandate to cover all the essential health benefits as they exist now?
Will there be an option to purchase catastrophic medical insurance for small business owners?


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) featured special guest Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on a TeleForum with small business owners across the nation. NFIB President and CEO, Juanita Duggan, introduced the Secretary to the call. Secretary Price discussed the current state of healthcare and where the American Health Care Act sits in the Senate. He answered several questions from NFIB members, addressing their concerns regarding higher health insurance premiums and reduced flexibility of insurance options. The Secretary stated that the new healthcare bill will provide greater flexibility for US states and better support small businesses.

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