NFIB with Senator Rubio



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Senator Marco Rubio proposes a solution to a specific Florida water issue.
If the Affordable Care Act continues to have problems, what replacement plan do you propose?
The Florida NFIB Leadership Council Chairman highlights the importance of healthcare for independent business owners, and thanks Senator Rubio for his efforts.


The National Federation of Independent Business Florida hosted this call with Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio opened the call by stating that the backbone of the national economy is small and mid-sized business. He shared that the recent increase in use of social media and technology have allowed people to start businesses for themselves either as a contractor or a small business owner. The Senator informed callers that issues such as tax reform are important to him, and that he was in favor of section 179 of the tax code, which is helpful to small business owners in simplifying tax preparation and improving cash flow. Callers were able to ask questions of the Senator, and addressed issues such as health care and local water flow problems.

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