NFIB with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey



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What have you accomplished in your first six months in office?
What's your plan to put more money into K-12 classrooms?
How do California regulations affect Arizona businesses?
How do we stop current businesses from leaving Arizona?
What is Arizona doing to deal with the drought?


NFIB held this live TeleForum with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to provide his small-business-owning constituents an opportunity to hear from their new governor and ask him their questions. On the call Governor Ducey discussed his first six months in office and his newly announced plan to put $2 billion to work in Arizona’s K-12 schools. He also discussed his perspective on regulations, water issues, how to attract new businesses to the state and how much he values the success of Arizona’s existing businesses. Sponsored by AT&T, Governor Ducey’s TeleForum was moderated by Farrell Quinlan, NFIB’s Arizona state director. Produced by Advantage.

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