Nailing your First Parent Teacher Conference



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Melissa Rueben, a teacher discussed her tips about what parents appreciate about a teacher.
How do you handle parents who think they know better than the teacher?
How do you discuss a concern about a student's behavior during a parent-teacher conference?


National Educators Association student program held this Access Live event to speak with teachers across the nation on how to conduct their first parent-teacher conference. How to be an effective communicator when it comes to expressing student’s academic progress, as well as strengthening relationships with parents and guardians were also highlighted. Guest Speakers and teachers, Melissa Ruben and Andria Giunta discussed effective ways to communicate with parents about their child. It is important that teachers keep the relationships with the parents ongoing. One of the biggest tips for teachers after a parent-teacher conference is to be sure to do what was communicated to the parent.

Resources from this Webinar: Parent Teacher Conference Pack (PPT)



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