A Conversation with Jennifer Rothschild




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How do you deal with dissent in politics, especially with division within the Christian church?
Jennifer explains the "what is" compared to "what if."
How do I know when to let God take over?


My Faith Votes held this live, exclusive event with guest speaker Jennifer Rothschild, American author and notable speaker. She has written over 11 books and Bible studies. Losing her sight at age 15, Jennifer spoke about her unique perspective she has gained and has faced. She mentioned that just like our earthly fathers, we will not and should not always understand God's ways. It is important to always understand that God's ways are always perfect. Jennifer stated that it is always important that we as followers, model the Jesus we want our children to see. She mentioned that when we live the Word, know the Word, and speak the Word, this allows our children to be able to deal with the world and the culture that they live in through the light of Jesus Christ. She discussed her soon-to-be released book entitled “Me, Myself, & Lies: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself”.