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Why does culture matter and how does our worldview shape it?
If two people are Christians, how might they reconcile their different Biblical world views?
Can freedom be sustained where virtue does not flourish?


My Faith Votes held this live Vekeo event with guest speaker John Stonestreet, President of The Chuck Colson Center, and co-host of BreakPoint Radio. The topic of discussion was about culture and its effect on our world views. Culture is the water in which we swim. Humans are consistently looking at culture, in order to answer life’s biggest questions. This story has been given to us in the scriptures. It is the absolute truth. Culture assumes, and its assumption may or may not be right on target. Sometimes we can be shaken in our culture in the moment and question the power of scripture. Culture created some of our most dangerous ideas. The reason culture matters so much is that it reflects our deepest world views. The founders of our country had a vision of morality that aligned with the Christian values and beliefs. As Christians, we have the responsibility to pray and act. John Stonestreet’s books include: A Practical Guide to Culture (2017), Restoring All Things (2014), Same-Sex Marriage (2013), and Making Sense of Your World (2007).