A Conversation with J.D. Greear




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How do we, as Chrstians, separate Church and State, and what scriptures provide guidance for these issues?
How, and why, were you able to cover the entire Bible in one year at your church?
How should Christian leaders address the transgender bathroom issues?


My Faith Votes held this TownHall with guest speaker JD Greear, author and pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina. The hosts wanted to explore ways to gain a biblical perspective on today's big issues. Dr. Greear mentioned that how we, as Christians, see God and His views has a huge impact on our outlook in life. Pastor Greear believes that on some level our views on political issues will be affected by our biblical views as well. He mentioned that our first and foremost calling is being disciples of Christ. He later mentioned that he has found the deeper he goes into his preaching, the more relevant he becomes to those around him. Christians need to be real in how we speak and live life.