A Conversation with Sam Brownback and Jeff Colyer




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Governor Brownback discusses reducing the prison recidivism rate.
Lt. Governor Coyler explains that the world watches America and our values.
Host Megan asks how people may pray for elected officials and leaders.


My Faith Votes hosted this live, interactive Video TeleForum with Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, and Kansas Lieutenant Governor Dr. Jeff Colyer, to encourage Christians to vote in the upcoming election. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor shared details about their journey to faith. Governor Brownback informed participants that voting is one of the things Christians can do to ensure that their religious liberty is preserved, and he encouraged Christians to continue to discuss what religious liberty is, stating that this liberty is one America's foundational values. Participants were able to ask questions live, and addressed topics such as the faith community's focus in the current election and how pastors can partner with state representatives.