A Conversation with David Kinnaman of Barna Group




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Why do you think Christian Republican voters supported Trump?
Why do you think that many Christians are not transformed when they find the faith?
As a Christian, how do I unite the people of the world that are fighting and arguing?


My Faith Matters held this live, interactive Video TeleForum with David Kinnaman, author of the best selling books Good Faith, You Lost Me, unChristian. David also serves as President of Barna Group. This event reviewed the results of the recent presidential election, and David was able to share thoughts and statistics on why voters chose to vote the way they did. Participants were able to ask questions live, and discussed topics such as reaching their friends and neighbors through conversation and Christian voters' support of President-elect Trump. David warned participants about the danger of hypocrisy in the church, as well as discussed with participants how they may let the Holy Spirit work through them in interactions with family and friends.