A Conversation with Laura Ingraham




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How do I address the issue of abortion with my friends and family in the context of politics?
Guest Laura Ingraham discusses the role of the Supreme Court.
Host Megan West and guest Laura Ingraham share about the blessings of adopting a child.


My Faith Votes hosted this live, interactive event with political commentator, best-selling author, and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham. Laura discussed the privilege of voting and how the process should not be taken for granted. As the presidential election soon approaches, she informed participants of her opinion that politics coverage should not be limited to the election season, and limiting this would restrict free speech. Regarding the refugee crisis, she also shared that Americans have an obligation to protect America, and that there are several options to assist refugees. She stated that Christians have an obligation to help their fellow man, yet America needs to be careful about the process of admitting refugees to protect against the dangers of chaotic foreign policy. Laura discussed being often criticized as a conservative, and how she remains unaffected by following her conscience. Participants were able to ask questions live on important topics such as special needs adoption, faith in the context of the election, and the role of the church in government.