A Conversation with Michael Wear & Alan Noble




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Is the political process putting undue pressure on us morally?
The first verse of Psalms 127 is discussed.
How do we protect our freedom of religion?


My Faith Votes held this live, interactive event with Michael Wear and Alan Noble, to encourage and inspire Christians to vote in the upcoming election. Guest speakers spoke about multiple issues effecting our country. They mentioned that they wanted to give communities and churches the information to branch out and ask the question "What does it mean to bring my vote?" They stated that it is so important for participants to vote wisely but also that we need to have faith in God and show grace in our actions. People need to think and pray about what issues are most important to them. They need to make sure the anxiety and pressure they feel is for your neighbor. Christians need to be involved in the process of voting. They talked about the fact that this election is not just for President and that there are many other offices on the ballot that will directly affect their immediate community.