A Conversation with Lila Rose



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How can college students use their years to better their activism?
What does it mean to you to be prolife after babies are born, and how should we assist struggling new mothers?
How are you interacting with law makers to make it easier to adopt a child?


This live Vekeo event was hosted by My Faith Votes, a non-partisan movement of the Church in America. Tonight's guest speaker was Lila Rose, president and founder of national pro-life organization Live Action. Ms. Rose founded Live Action when she was fifteen years old. The discussion on this call was about pro-life issues and abortion. Mr. Rose’s organization has changed the hearts and minds about abortion and promotes respect for human dignity through national media campaigns, investigative reporting, and targeted youth education programs. Live Action hosts the largest online platform for the pro-life movement, including Live Action News, a widely read pro-life news site. It serves a social media following of over 1.4 million Facebook likes and more than 100,000 Twitter followers.