A Conversation with Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron




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Kirk Cameron talks about the concept of self government, virtue, and true religion.
How can I reach out to minorities in my community?
What can the Church do to make the biggest impact on the election?


My Faith Votes held this TownHall to discuss the importance of the American vote. Special guest speakers included Dr. Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron, who answered questions from participants about division in our country, America's history, and the importance of voting. They mentioned that we the people allow the agents of division to have an effect on our country, a country founded on a constitution that was put together by people who believe in God. They mentioned that there is no conflict with God's laws and the constitution of the American people. They believe that we need to focus on biblical principals. Dr. Ben Carson believes that the more people that we empower the fewer people we have to pull along. Kirk Cameron stated that the best thing that we can do is show our children what a living breathing christian is like. Both guest believe that we the people control the way our county is going.