A Conversation with Former Congressman Bob McEwen



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An analogy for the importance of going out and voting.
What can be done about the corruption in Washington D.C.?
What can be done to impact and influence college students on what really matters?


This live, free Vekeo event was hosted by My Faith Votes and guest speaker Bob McEwen. Bob is a lobbyist and a former Congressman of Ohio's 6th District, who joined the call to help people to understand what is at risk and what they're obligation is to God. There were 25 million Christians in 2012 who were registered to vote did not vote. This is an opportunity to stand up for the country we want, if Christians simply get off the sidelines. Politics equals integrity. The president should be someone who has honesty and integrity and know what a balance sheet is. Everything in life is either physical or spiritual and wisdom is the capacity to tell the difference. Love is spiritual. Leadership is spiritual.