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What do you suggest to deal with heat when working out?
Are there any studies about Vitamin D deficiencies and MS?
Are there any new drugs being looked at for Progressive MS?


To celebrate World Multiple Sclerosis Day on May 27, the MS Society of Canada hosted this event to discuss research regarding the disease. The call featured Doctors Mark Freedman, Helen Genova, and Ruth Ann Marrie who are specialists and researchers on Multiple Sclerosis and was hosted by CBC radio personality Bob McDonald. Dr. Mark Freedman from the University of Ottowa informed callers and took questions regarding stem cell research. Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie discussed wellness and how to enhance the quality of life for those with MS. Dr. Helen Genova also discussed the importance of mental health and encouraged exercises to improve brain function. During the course of the call, many participants asked questions of the panel of guests. The researchers closed the event asking callers to remain educated and engaged and were optimistic of the future for those suffering from the condition. Produced by Stratcom.

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