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How did the band start?
What size venue do they prefer?
How did Montgomery Gentry choose the new single, "Headlights"?
What do they guys like to do when they're not on the road?
Who do Eddie and Troy look up to in the music industry?
Will Montgomery Gentry record a live album?


During this live, exclusive Vekeo event Eddie and Troy called fans to chat about their brand new single “Headlights”, which is now available on iTunes, what it takes to record a new album, and what life on the road is truly like! Eddie and Troy took questions from fans and discussed how the band started, life on and off the road, and who they look up to in the music industry. The guys also chatted about how their next album that will be coming out spring 2015 and where the single, “Headlights”, came from. The band mentioned that they enjoyed playing at both large and small venues and are looking forward to getting back on the road.


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