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Could EPA's course of action on atrazine trickle down and impact other herbicides?
Has EPA actually verified or checked to see if these so-called impacts are occurring on land?
What is the timeline for making my remarks to the EPA? What will my cost as a farmer be if atrazine goes away?


The Missouri Corn Growers Association hosted this event to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency's proposal to limit the use of atrazine. Host Morris Heitman, President of the Missouri Corn Grower's Association, was joined by guest speakers Gary Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Missouri Corn Growers Association, and Jason Weirich, Director of Agronomy for MFA Incorporated. Gary was able to share experiences dealing with the EPA and how the possible de facto ban may affect Missouri farmers. He was also able to share that no crop protection tool has been studied more than atrazine, and that there are over 7,000 studies reaffirming the science over a 55 year life span. Guest speaker Jason Weirich discussed the science behind atrazine and why he feels it is a unique and effective tool.

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