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Why are EPA regulations so important?
Can you explain the "War on farmers?"
What can I do to help get the word out?
Could the EPA wave the Ethanol statutes?


Missouri Corn Growers Association held this TeleForum to discuss the upcoming EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) meeting on renewable fuel resources and how participants can get involved. Guest Speaker Bob Dinneen, President and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association spoke about this administration’s war on farmers and he mentioned that this is in full gear. Bob Dinneen mentioned that the EPA seems to think that there isn’t enough demand for ethanol. The market for ethanol is 4 times as large as premium gasoline and the oil companies have decided to look past that. Bob Dinneen believes that the EPA is setting up this program to fail and also mentioned that if we are going to be successful we need to be loud and clear. Produced by the Strategy Group.

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