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What are the options to opt out of single coverage?
Will there be an increase in retirement after July 1, 2015?
What happens if the agreement is not reached by the deadline?
Is there any talk of adding a step at the top of the pay scale?


Minnesota Association of Professional Employees held this live TeleForum to discuss where contract negotiations stand and the progress that has been made during push week. MAPE’s team is hoping to reach a tentative contract with the Governor’s team by the end of the week. Co-Chairman Sandy Dunn and Mike Landers gave an update on the Governors wage and insurance proposal, stating he suggested a 1.25% increase for pay in 2015 and an additional 1% in 2016 and a increase of 5% to single employee premiums; MAPE has not signed any of these agreements thus far. MAPE’s message to the Governor has been they want a decent pay increase and will not accept a health cost shift for employees unless it is made up in wages. The negotiations this year have been frustratingly slow and there is still work to be done. Current negotiations can be viewed on MAPE’s website.┬áProduced by Political Robocalls.

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