Conquering Colon Cancer



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Dr. Hubbard discusses the symptoms of colon cancer.
Dr. Hubbard discusses the InTERCEPT trial.
Dr. Hubbard discusses ways to reduce the risk of colon cancer.


Conquering Colon Cancer

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer, whether a father or child, a friend or neighbor, a sister or husband. Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is providing hope to our friends and loved ones fighting cancer through groundbreaking discoveries in diagnosis and treatment. For decades, Mayo Clinic has been a world leader in providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art care for patients with cancers of the colon. Our doctors care for more than 3,000 people with colon cancer each year.

In this webinar, Alexandra P. Wolanskyj-Spinner, M.D., associate medical director for the Department of Development, and your fellow Leadership Council members welcomed Joleen M. Hubbard, M.D., gastrointestinal oncologist and practice chair in the Division of Medical Oncology, for a fascinating conversation on the latest colon cancer treatments and groundbreaking research.