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If interest rates were raised, would people perceive the economy as doing better and spend more?
What effect will Brexit have the cost of oil?
What're your thoughts on holding physical silver and gold?


The TeleForum event was with Eagle Publishing and guest speaker Mark Skousen. The discussion was on Forecast strategy portfolio. Forecast strategies is up several percentages. 2/3 of our picks our up. This year to date 5 positions are up in our portfolio. Additional discussion on the best investment in the 2016 election, including which presidential candidate would be a better pick for the stock market. Mark indicated that according to his studies, he has shown that early 1970′s both gold and silver have become superior hedges but you have to have the patience to hold on. There was a 5 year period gold didn’t do well. We got out late 2011 and early February 2016 we got back in. Additional discussion on the Winners Circle. Mark has been writing his newsletter for the last 36 years and will eventually write a book on them.

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